Corporate Support Services of Nevada, Inc. (CSS Nevada) is an asset protection specialist. CSS Nevada was formed in June, 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada and since that time has assisted thousands of clients to protect their assets. Asset protection is more than forming a corporation or an LLC. It understands how the laws work and how the various business entities can be used in a manner to protect all of the assets of our clients. Our clients come from all walks of life. We have assisted doctors, attorneys, CPAs, real estate investors, stock investors and many others throughout the years. Utilizing the use of corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, land trusts and living trusts CSS Nevada has developed many different structures to protect our client’s assets.

CSS Nevada is not merely an incorporating company. Nor are we merely a resident agent. CSS Nevada works closely with our clients to develop an asset protection structure which will actually protect their assets. And, the structures we form are designed to grow with our clients. As they acquire more assets, the structure formed can be expanded to protect the newly acquired assets.

Because we are an asset protection company, we do not abandon our clients after the structure is formed. With our unique free consultation service, our clients are able to obtain continuous assistance and direction as they acquire additional assets. Contact CSS Nevada and learn how we can help you protect your assets now and in the future!